【Lecture】The Political Economy of China’s Belt and Road Initiative


Topic: The Political Economy of China’s Belt and Road Initiative;

Speaker:Dr. Chuyu Liu, an Assistant Professor in Political Science at the University of Amsterdam;

Host: Researcher Shao Li, School of Public Affairs, Zhejiang University;

Time: 26 March 2021(Friday)14:00-15:30;

Venue: Room 107, School of Public Affairs, Zijingang Campus

Introduction of the lecture:

Our research is based on extensive in-depth interviews with stakeholders of power sectors in China, Indonesia, and Pakistan, and a systematic examination of project documentation and corporate social responsibility reports of involved Chinese companies. We conceptualize BRI project implementation as a negotiated process that is conjointly shaped by the supply-side – Chinese project developers and financiers – and the demand-side – host countries’ regulators, political parties, and business groups. The interactions between the supply- and demand- side factors determine the configuration of Chinese overseas electricity investments in BRI recipients. Our findings shed new light on the political economy of BRI projects in developing countries.

Introduction of the lecturer:

Dr. Chuyu Liu is an Assistant Professor in Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. His research concentrates on ethnic conflict, the political economy of development, and East Asian security. His current research examines the political economy of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. His research is published in Energy Policy, International Studies Quarterly, Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of East Asian Studies, Security Studies, and The China Review.

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