Seminar on Health and Social Support for Employees Successfully Held


On April 23, 2021, the Seminar on Health and Social Support for Employees was held in the Conference Room 901, School of Public Affairs, Zhejiang University, which was initiated by the Center for Ageing & Health Study (CAS), the Center of Social Welfare and Governance, and the Institute of Risk Management & Social Security of Zhejiang University. Experts and scholars from institutions such as China CDC, Zhejiang Federation of Trade Unions, Zhejiang Teacher's Union, Unions of Zhejiang University, Women's Hospital School of Medicine in Zhejiang University, Cancer Hospital of The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Affiliated Hospital of Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou Yijia Health Management Co., LTD had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the health and social support for employees under the background of Healthy China strategy.

The seminar was hosted by Professor Wenjiong He, director of the Center for Ageing & Health Study. Associate Professor Xiaoting Liu, deputy director of this center, introduced the development of CAS to the participants. She reported the research outcomes and achievements of CAS in the recent years, especially in the areas of ageing study, health policy analysis and disability research.

Professor Jianhong Zhou, director Physician of Women's Hospital School of Medicine in the Zhejiang University, gave a key note speech entitled climacteric health management of female employees. She indicated that climacteric would be the longest and most easily neglected period in a woman's life course, and poor handling would seriously affect the working efficiency and family harmony of professional women. She pointed out that in order to do better climacteric management for professional women, the state should formulate short-term and long-term target plans, and incorporate climacteric management into chronic disease management in the community to promote the development of climacteric disciplines. Combined with her own experience in popularization and training, she also put forward relevant policy suggestions to improve capability of community doctors through enhancing professional training.

Ms. Wenlan Yu, a researcher of National Institute for Occupational Health of China CDC and deputy director of the Female Staff Committee of All-China Federation of Trade Unions, introduced the preparations of the Health Support Research Center of China Aging Development Foundation. The center is planning to build up a platform, to integrate resources, and to promote policy study and practical action for patients with non-communicable diseases and middle-and-old age groups. She suggested on the further collaboration with Zhejiang University.

Afterwards, the participants including Mr. Shichuan Tang, professor from Beijing Municipal Institute of Labor Protection, Ms. Xiaoyan Yao, vice minister of Female Staff Department of Zhejiang Federation of Trade Unions, Qian Li, vice chairman of Zhejiang Teacher's Union, Li'na Zhang and Li Lin, vice chairmen of Unions of Zhejiang University, Weixin Shou, general manager of Hangzhou Yijia Health Management Co., LTD, professor Yuehua Zhang, Yinmei Yao, Qianwen Xie, and other participants had a heated discussion on the health management of female staff, the health and social support for the elderly. Finally, Professor Wenjiong He gave the closing remark, hoping to take this seminar as an opportunity to further strengthen multi-party exchanges and cooperation, and jointly promote relevant researches on healthy aging and social support.

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