China has a long standing tradition of pursuing the public spirit that “All under the Heaven are Equal”. Today, comprehensively deepening the reform in order for its fruits to benefit the whole people in a more widely and fairly manner comes to be one of the major themes of China’s growth, which calls for the new development of public affairs undertakings. In the context of both the humanistic tradition and the new demands, the School of Public Affairs (SPA) of Zhejiang University, a young and vibrant school, guided by the school motto “World Affairs as Responsibility and Truth as Faith”, devotes itself to cultivating thoughtful leaders with extraordinary conscientious as well as persistence to serve the people.

SPA enjoys a complete teaching and research system, offering a rich range of PhD, master’s and professional master’s programs. The excellent academic atmosphere enables the SPAers to savor the pleasure of pursuing knowledge, meanwhile ignites their desire to make the world a better place through endeavor.

It is my great honor to be a member of SPA! On behalf of SPA, I extend to you the warmest welcome.

Dr. Yu Jianxing

Dean, School of Public Affairs

Professor of Government

Cheung Kong Scholar

Zhejiang University

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